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best blender for protein shakes

best blender for protein shakes

best blender for protein shakes this Nutri ninja blender so why have I got a new blender well simply my old blender broke and had to get a replacement and beam into my working out I like to make lots of protein shakes and this one stood out to be one of the main selling points is the fresh back technology

best blender for protein shakes

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which overcomes wall

hopefully, one of the issues I found with a traditional blender and that’s when I make new protein shakes with milk they froth up and make you a bit gassy in there and this gets around that problem by fitting a pump on the top which extracts all best blender for protein shakes

the oxygen out which should mean fewer bubbles so hopefully that should sort out that problem but we will see when it comes to testimony so what I’m going to do with this gives you a tour around outside the box we would ever get out and

test it out so let’s crack on with a video right let’s start by taking a tour around the outside of the box and looking at the top it says what is included and to start it is the thousand-watt bass the fresh vac pump for OneTouch oxygen removal batteries included well that one as well – 700-milliliter single-serve fresh fat cups with spout lids pro extractor


blades and inspiration guide then just start moving to the side there we can a look at the fresh vac pump there the blender itself and the serving cups moving on to the front again we get an illustration thereof the serving cups the blender itself there and then one showing the fresh of a pump and I just want to point out as well that you can’t just use this as

a traditional without the fresh vac pump on it but then we do want to extract that oxygen out then you just start buzz the pump on top and just up here it says as well back the benefits of using the fresh back pump so draws out the oxygen locks in vitamins makes it

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the car keeps in the brightness and that I’m not bothered any about any of that stuff I’m simply just want to get rid of the the the foaminess which you know it says that less bone moving on line to the other side and just some examples thereof the difference of smoothies and stuff like dips and stuff you can do meat with it nothing to it the soy in and rind on

another side again just given some illustrations of the fresh vac example dare of light before and after right now we’ve got the Box tall right away I think it’s time we crack this bad boy open first off we’ve got some instructions they’re very nice and look at those in a minute and we’ve got on it the jugs they’re nice sized moisten a tall thicker than

they did not add my the previous blender so we’re yeah it can make some noise larger shakes with those and then we have a business is one of the lids let’s just rip this open I’ll overlook yep sure enough, what are the lid stir there we go cross thread it or in spoke so great you know if you want to make a protein shake to go sort of the thing looks uh yeah very nice then we

have but trees this is going to be for that fresh back pump there we go was nice when there are batteries included then we got very powerful with that keep in place then we have another Joker this one has the blade attachment like the looks bit yeah there we go yet so blade attachment is already attached to that one okay we’ve got some instructions there which again I will look at in a bit and just to confirm they are boots accuracy noise I do like the size of these and all fairness they are you know pretty big you know got fairly big hands and yeah ok good idea if I were long me up I’ve confirmed rather longer than the sort of short and fat because if you say wanna put one in the cart and the cupholder quite often the bigger ones won’t fit properly and then we are feeling fresh back hug you go lock to it so we’re big on the off button that on the top and

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I have a closer look about in a second when I put the batteries in and then finally the blender itself soon we’ve got another litter the actual base itself so suffer closer look at this now that you can see its camera straight it’s black he was black on top with a sort of dark like gunmetal gray finish to it it’s quite stylish though so a bit of advertising there on the front said about the thousand watts of power you got your ninja log over and then all your buttons sir yeah

what nice better than the one, I have before I in the back ventilation of their cables quite short  wide look at that nothing much to see on the bottom what I’m gonna do is quickly just uh grab me tape measure and we make about upright got my trusty tape measure and it’s going from best blender for protein shakes

the base of the blender that it is approximately sirring eighty centimeters or was that just under 32 inches now I did just say there was nothing much to see on the bottom of the blender but in fact of a closer look there are a couple of a sucker cups on there so

that’s gonna eight with it sticking to your work surface along with these good rubberized feet they sort nice sort of soft rubber so they’re going to get a really firm grip and I can imagine with it’s up on the work surface like that those feet are going to help absorb some of that sound that’s you know because these things can be a little bit noisy so that should you know help isolate that sound and as you can see it’s a yeah pretty grippy on the surface which is exactly what you’re going to

want now looking at the bottom of one of the jugs we’ve got a label answers to pay the order and instructions on how to use the fresh vac sort of seal and you’ve got a little trigger there which you push that down lift up and once you’ve sort of used the fresh back pump on it once you’ve finished doing the blending what you do is release best blender for protein shakes that before releasing

the blades but I’ll be showing you that when we are trying now moving on to the fresh back pump itself and again we’ve got a few stickers on there they do seem to be very generous with the stickers which aren’t a bad thing you know if you were new to

all there’s plenty of information so you do have the option to buy a power cord for this and it’s got an arrow pointing around there as you can see for a power cord so if you’d rather use that instead of batteries you can do and at the top we have another sticker said about battery installation so we’ve got the batteries already there ready to go and

it does say about vacuum sealing the light indicators so you’ve got a sealing in progress vacuum seal iam complete and when it’s blinking that means basically you were got replaced batteries so simple enough and on the top here is you can probably see we’ve got a little arrow

there the wood arrow on this side as well and a lock and unlock symbol so if we just simply turn this now that should open up and we’ve got a little clip there which then reveals the battery compartment so I’m going to go ahead now and pop those batteries in so there’s a battery in and one thing I do like is that it’s marked out there which we round each one as a got a set you haven’t got a look into the bowels of the device to see what where you only go and also on this thing it’s Marta up as well so well yeah fair plea for that right solids back on again though we’re gonna peel these stickers off and without even putting it on the machine we’re giving it a go so you’ve got big on/off button there and yeah there you go there the seconds a bit suspect sounds like so you get from our and summers or something like that, yeah but hopefully it should do the job that’s a fairly suspect I’ve gotta say so what best blender for protein shakes

I think I do now is I grab some protein powder oh and we start making up a mix and we’re far up this bad boy now just quickly before I stop her in the protein mix into this jug I just wanted to show you guys what it looks like when it’s fitted with nothing in it as such so you’ve got these four little bits of plastic that’s out there and four little slots on top of the blender itself simply line those up push down

a little bit and twist it clockwise and there you go locks into place and the same to undo it and as you can see when I’m doing that you know the blender because of those sucker cups and the good Rob Roy’s feet on them isn’t moving at all so you know you can do that a one-handed operation right so the way that I’m gonna conduct this test is that

I have prepared two of these cups both with identical amounts of milk and protein mixture so I put in I think it was 400 milliliters of milk and each there are about two think it was one a large scoop of protein powder so what I will do I will run one without the fresh vac pump so it’d just be like a traditional blend and then I would do one with the pump at strike tonight the oxygen and we see

if one is foamier than the other so let’s crack on with the blending right so to start off we’re gonna do the nonvacuum pump blend so we’ve got the machine it just checks turned on there yep all good and ready to go so I’m just gonna push that bang lock that in place and

I’m simply gonna Press the start button there on the front and it still is it may look a bit better there we go and yeah let’s get it started so three two one right so I’ve given up 30 seconds and yeah it is pretty loud to be fair let’s make my ears ring a bit probably a little bit louder than my previous blender but then to be fair this is a lot more powerful I think that’s what I was only about 400 watts of lappa so yeah it’s a lot more powerful so you can inspect quite a bit more noise so let’s take this one off and then screw that lid and there you can see it’s got the old Rafi frothy bubbles in

it and what I’m going to do it not going to even bother in turn that off I’m going to put it to spray info on to the other one and we get this one fired up so what I’m going to do is just lock that in place but what we’re going to do is now attach the fresh vac pump so to do this we do is press that button there lift that up and then simply place this as you can see on top now you’ve not got a twist or lock

it in place or anything like that simply just place it on top and press the button and hopefully  suck forty oxygenate and we just gotta wait for that light to change should have turned on the other Waverly may be lined this up around the front there you go we’ve got the green light o just press this to release now we push this back down and we shall start the blender off now for 30 seconds so three two one and there you go now one thing I’ve just the note is straight away is with the best blender for protein shakes

the first one there was a definite change in tone of the blender after a few seconds it sounded like it was struggling a bit I it that’s exactly what my last one did that’s because it starts to foam up and sort of fill out the cup as such well I didn’t notice any change of tone on this one so apparently what you’ve now got to do before you take off the cup and detach it from the actual blade is you’ve got release the air from best blender for protein shakes it so you release

that lid and then you just pull up on this and then we should over-the-air there you go so now we’ve done that I should push that back then listen unclip and unscrew wow what the best blender for protein shakes difference what a difference that is to be fair no just uh it’s over to the slider no but by the way,

I’m not paid to do this when if not I’ve bought this at me in the pocket well no as you know I didn’t buy I mean pocket it was actually purchased for me as a birthday gift but you know it’s not sent to me or Annika but look at the difference in that to be fair this is you know it just shows you the problem I was having that essentially what the difference is there is just air now I’m not bothered about locking in the flavor or you know bright the colors or anything like that which it claims on the box which you know may appeal to some but that is done exactly what

I wanted when it comes to you know extracting the air out of it and not having so many bubbles that are excellent proof there I mean no I don’t know what more you could want us just saw a look and you can see us full of bubbles in there and yeah this one has got some bubbles but nowhere near as much for it to be on you know such a different level and you saw for yourself

I put in the same amount of milk and protein powder in each whoa so yet nor fairness it seems to do exactly as it says on the box right so for a bit of a test phase now and to start off I’ll try the one without the fresh back taste wine but very very foamy I mean literally, you are getting a mouthful of the phone there and maybe one with the fresh the fact

I cannot believe that level different such you know to show you again that is crazy no this ain’t no staged sort of setup here you know this is a Tokyo is yeah Milos difference but it’s like just what drinking water its john means solid there’s no foaminess well is it I see no firmness is a tiny tiny bit that mile different well wolves apart buy so yeah if you want to get rid of the phone at your protein shake said meat is a bodybuilder myself making protein shakes pain in there or you would recommend that for oh yeah making a much sort of easygoing protein shake on your gut because

if you like me don’t mean you don’t like having a big swollen got after you about a protein shake now I’m going to be honest for you guys whether I got this I did think it might have been a bit of a gimmick because it is one of these sorts of things that you see on what the shopping channels mountain as seen on TV and I’ll take those things with you know a pinch of salt but to

be fair you know if that result is anything to go by then yeah I do recommend it and you know it does seem to do this ocarina won’t I said it says on the box and if you guys do want to pick one up on a link in the description that will take you to best blender for protein shakes

where if you go through that link it puts a couple of quid back in my pocket but it costs you not a single any more than it would if you just going through Amazon so or would appreciate if you do want to buy one then that link but please be aware that in being a wealth in no way am I sponsored or paid to do this you know so you know make of it what you will now I’m going to be yours for you guys whether

I’ve got this I did think it might have been a bit of a gimmick because it’s one of these things that you see what the shopping channels man has seen on TV and I’ll take those things with you know a pinch of salt but to be fair you know if that result is anything to go by then yeah I do recommend it and you know it does seem to do this luckily I won’t I said it says on the box and if you guys do want to pick one up Oh a link in the description that will take you to

where if you go through that link it puts a couple of quid back in my pocket but it costs you not a single anymore then it would if you just go in through Amazon so or would appreciate if you do want to buy one then you go through that link but please be aware that and be aware that in no way am I sponsored or paid to do this you know so you know to make



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