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best food blender

best food blender

I’m reviewing the ninja foreign one blender and food processor the system if you want to try out this ninja I’ve put a link in the description below this is the 72-ounce blending pitcher there are markings on the pitcher in ounces and leaders best food blender

the blender jar comes with a large blade although the blending pitcher holds 72 ounces it is compact so when you use it it should fit

best food blender

undermost cabinets, the 72-ounce jar has a release button on the top you press it and the handle goes up and that’s how you remove the lid from the jar there’s also a spout for easy pouring this is the 24-ounce compact cup this is great for smoothies there are markings on the cup in ounces and milliliters there’s also a max liquid the line so don’t fill about that the compact cup best food blender

comes with its blade and a lid this is the spiralizer there’s the collecting bowl the lid and the pusher when you use a spiralizer the ingredients should not be taller than 4 inches if you’re using harder vegetables like butternut squash or potatoes the maximum height is 3 inches and nothing should be wider than 3 inches if you’re using carrots they should be larger than 1 and a half inches in diameter, there are three blades to use with the spiralizer the red is best food blender  the spaghetti blade blue is the ribbon blade and green is the fettuccine blade each disc is marked this is

the food processor bowl with its lid you can pour in liquids through the lid while you’re processing the food processor has its blade and a dough blade cleaning brush is included as well as an instruction best food blender manual and recipe book with recipes for smoothies salads slaw cocktails and soups there’s also, a quick assembly guide the base has suction feet there are tabs on

the side that you can push up to release the base there is cord storage on the back of the base start/stop button to turn the unit  best food blender  on and off once you started the timer will count up to 60 seconds you can stop the blender at any time by pressing the start/stop button again with the pulse the button we just press and release quickly

the auto IQ boost has a yes or no selection if you select yes you’ll get a smoother creamier result and you select no if you want more texture in whatever you’re blending the Auto IQ functions are frozen drink smoothie extract mix chop endo all the programs are not available with all the jars certain auto IQ programs are compatible with each container when the best food blender

the container is locked into the base the compatible program buttons will illuminate all the containers blade assemblies disks and lids are BPA free when you first get the unit wash all the parts and warm  best food blender soapy water and dry the base can be wiped with a damp cloth the containers lids blade discs and blade assemblies are dishwasher safe the lids blade discs and lane assemblies are top-rack dishwasher safe one of the things I like about ninja products is

that they make it very user friendly you can see all the containers and lids have arrows and colors that match up so you don’t have to think too much about how to put the parts together first of all test out the 72-ounce pitcher put it on the base and turn it to lock and there is a picture I’m going to show you how to lock it this is a large blade that goes with the pitcher put it right in the middle first we’ll make a healthy vegetable smoothie best food blender

best ninja blender

I’ve got some green apples cut up as well as a little piece of ginger one carrot cut up so we’ll put all those ingredients in first when you’re using the blender first add fruit or veggies then leafy greens liquids and end with ice or frozen ingredients some cucumber with best food blender  the skin on I’m using hothouse cucumbers they’re seedless and the skin is thin so you can leave them on I’m using one medium hothouse cucumber and kale I’ll put a few ice cubes in the ice always goes on top you can see it’s filled right up to the 72-ounce line with the ninja, you cannot blend hot liquids nor can you blend dry ingredients I also add some water and blend mattes

the arrow on the lid to the arrow on the handle push the handle down so you can see with the picture we can choose pulse frozen drink smoothie or extract I’m gonna choose extract for the auto IQ boost I’ll choose yes it just toggles between yes and no

then I’ll press extract  the display counts down to zero and the cycle ends automatically press the release button on the lid the handle goes up and you’re gonna remove the lid turn and pull up make sure to pull the blade out first before pouring out your smoothie because

the blade is not locked in and it could fall out and hurt you after it’s blended as you can see it only fills up half the container so this the pitcher holds a lot I’ll taste it it’s tasty openly because I put ginger and apples in there it is gritty it’s not silky smooth everything is processed

the kale has broken down the ginger carrots the ninja did a good job of breaking down everything but it’s not gonna be silky smooth next we’ll try the 24 ounces the cup I’m using a mango that I froze frozen banana and some frozen pineapple that’s the milk screw

the blade on the turn it to lock you’ve heard the clicking sound with The 24-ounce cup you can choose best food blender pulse extract smoothie or frozen drink I’m going to use smoothie for the auto IQ boost I’m gonna choose yes this ninja-like all other ninja is extremely loud turn it and pull up, however,

this is a high-power blender it is 1200 watts and you’re gonna get that loud noise with most high powered blenders to unscrew the lid it looks really good it’s very thick cuz I didn’t add that much liquid I had a lot of frozen fruit it’s more like a fruit shake there are no chunks it’s a very smooth

it’s smooth it’s creamy it’s really tasty it’s almost like dessert next, we’ll try the food processor bowl with its blade just turn to luck three cups is  best food blender the max for the bowl beside the max line of three cups there is a maximum liquid line that’s right below the 2 cup mark, I have an extra-large red onion here cut into about 1-inch pieces generally with most food processors,

it’s best not to overfill the container especially when processing something like onions, it may not be evenly chopped so we’ll just do it halfway mess the line on the bowl to best food blender  the line on the lid and turn to lock you’ll hear the click you can see with the food processor bowl pulse mix chop and Doerr lit up I’m gonna press the chop button and

it’s gonna chop automatically so I don’t have to use the pulse button and do it manually I chose no for the auto IQ boost because best food blender  I don’t want the onion finely minced so that was just three turns the unit did it automatically and it counted down for 3 seconds press the button on

the side and turn to remove the lid the onions were processed nicely and the chopped the program works well and it was done in 3 seconds cleaning out the containers are very simple nothing gets stuck there are no crevices or anything for food to get stuck inside

the containers I always recommend just to wash out the containers right after you use them it’s just much easier so nothing has been time to stick onto

the sides of the bowl next, we’ll try out a spiralizer put the bowl on the base, and turn it to the right you’ll hear a click to lock the collecting bowl sits in best food blender  the middle we’ll use the red disk for spaghetti I’m gonna be spiralizing zucchini make sure to push your vegetable onto the pin in the middle put the disk in the bowl match the grey tab on the lid to the grey tab on

the container turn it to lock I’ve cut my zucchini into two pieces trim the ends so they’re flat and I’m just gonna push this into the pin and use the food pusher when processing it goes right in the slot press start-stop and push down on the food pusher

that took like five seconds take the food push her up push the release tab on the side and unlock the lid lift up the disk there’s the usual piece of vegetable and here is half of the zucchini spiralized it’s really pretty and it’s great for people who are trying not to eat pasta and trying to eat more vegetables I’ll try the blue ribbon dis with the other half of the zucchini a nice long ribbon of zucchini best food blender

it’s pretty much one long strand the third disc that was included in the unit is the fettuccine disc and I’ll try potato it’s about three inches long and it’s been peeled the fence you need to make the vegetable flatter and wider and this is good for curly fries and that was done in about five seconds so you can spiral eyes hard and soft vegetables so you saw how all the parts of

this ninja four in one kitchen system at work the blender pitcher broke down all the vegetables but it was not silky smooth but most blenders are not going to give you a silky consistency with vegetables like  carrots and kale the food processor did a good job on

the onions and it just took three seconds also was done automatically with the chop function so we didn’t have to pulse manually the 24 hours compact cup did a great job on the smoothie the frozen mango banana and the pineapple was processed very well and

the smoothie was extremely creamy vitalizer did a great job on the zucchini and potatoes and it’s nice that you get best food blender  three different discs with the spiralizer overall this ninja four and one kitchen system is a good value it does a lot of different jobs well

if you want to try out this ninja put a link in the description below as always I hope you found this review helpful for more videos and I’ll see you next time thanks for watching for all of my reviews I will be gone for a few weeks, unfortunately,

I won’t be able to upload anything since I’ll be traveling but I will put up a review as soon as they get back in the meantime there are a lot of playlists and videos that I’ve put up and I hope you enjoy watching them I’ll see you soon bye for now


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