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best ninja blender

best ninja blender

my kitchen because I’m gonna be checking out this new blender from Ninja now this is the Ninja duo smart screen blender with fresh vac technology so what the heck does fresh vac technology even mean well it’s referring to best ninja blender

this mechanism that

best ninja blender

they give you inside of this box that is designed to suck the oxygen out of the cups in the picture that’s included so that what you’re making will a be more aesthetically pleasing because it’s supposed to look smoother and get rid of best ninja blender some of that foamy frothiness that you might get sometimes

when making things like smoothies it’s also supposed to help it to last longer by removing that oxygen and it’s also going to give it a smoother texture as well so I’m curious and interested in trying this out and move them is a box out of the way what do you know it’s already set up now here’s my other Ninja Blender I did a video about this probably like a few years ago

I use it still all the time, and it’s still going strong this, is the ninja professional 900-watt blender and I pretty much use it exclusively for making smoothies it doesn’t have any kind of fancy modes or anything like that you just put the cup on

there twist it the blade chop everything up and then you get what you get but with this, you have a lot more choices at your disposal so here’s a look at everything that you are going to get in the box including the paperwork that comes with this ninja let’s break it down ten quick and easy recipe book and then you’re also going to get a few more things best ninja blender

like a QuickStart guide and just something to teach you how to use the blender now here are all the very important bits now this is what’s going to give you that fresh vac technology this is what’s going to suck the oxygen out of these two cups and out of

best ninja blender this picture needs six double-a batteries to operate which they do give you inside of the box so you don’t have to worry about that you’re also going to get of these cups, these cups are pretty much identical you can see the max liquid there 590 milliliters or 20 ounces so you get two 20 ounce cups you’re gonna get the lids for each of those cups and you’re gonna get

this massive awesome picture I mean just look at those blades on the inside of that 72 ounces, that’s the max on that, and then finally I’m gonna get this base here now it says peel here cuz I just took it out of the box we are going to be demonstrating this alive together but this is cool because it has a best ninja blender touchscreen so this is just telling you all the different modes that you can use it for smoothies ice the cream I’m going to be doing that a little bit later because

I’m very curious about the ice cream pure extract frozen drinks and chopped now one thing that the instruction manual says is that if you’re planning on using this to make frozen drinks then it’s best to not use this to suck the oxygen out because those frozen drinks can benefit from

that extra oxygen so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna peel off all of these stickers and we are going to make a couple of smoothies so the type of smoothie that I am going to be making is a variation of the island a sunrise smoothie that is found inside of the little recipe guide that comes with the blender and you can also find this on ninja’s website as well and the ingredients inside of these particular smoothies are going to be strawberries and we have mango we have a little bit of chunk pineapple, best ninja blender  we have a banana and I also threw in a couple of tablespoons of ice cream because I’m not going for healthy here I’m going for flavor and instead of the coconut milk that the

the instruction manual has because I’m not a fan of coconut I just put some mango juice in there so we are going to make the same smoothie and one of them I’m going to use the fresh bag technology to suck the oxygen out and then with the other smoothie,


I am NOT going to do that and then we’ll be able to see what the difference is when you decide to use that versus when you don’t want to use that with your smoothies so let’s get started the first one that we’re going to do in this one right here we’re just gonna put straight on the base and just blend it alright so we got the blade on there nice and good give this a little bit of a shake throw best ninja blender it down on the base lock it in place hit that power button and this is a very very nice screen it’s very bright is very clear and so as you can see we have a few different options here

I’m just going to go ahead and hit this smoothie button right here and we will get started all right so this one is done so let’s just take this off of the base and we’re going to get a closer look at that a little bit later as soon as we get finished blending up the second one and we’re going to use that fresh back technology to go along with it so first the thing best ninja blender   that we’re going to do we are going to take this top off so we can get to the blade, it’s all the same ingredients so we’re just gonna put that right there okay so this is how the fresh vak technology thing is going to work

first, the thing that we have to do we have to turn this upside down and then we have to open up this flap which is right here and then we take the fresh back oxygen sucker out thing to my jig we’re going to stick that right there it’s not going to lock into place and then I’m just going to hit the power button and it’s going to suck all the oxygen out so here we go when it turns green you know that is done and you have to release it because right now look at that it’s stuck on there pretty good so we’re going to hit this release button we can take it off close this up and now

we’re gonna blend it just like we blend it another one so once again just gonna give that a little bit of a shake put it on the base and hit smoothie all right so we are all done I’m gonna go ahead and unplug this take this smoothie off of the base and before you can remove this lid its vacuum sealed so you’re gonna have to release some of that pressure the way that you do that are you open up this flap here you pull this blue part out then you hear

best food blender

that air escaping think you can close it up flip it back around and give it a little twist all right now for the comparison right here on the left-hand side is the smoothie that was blended with the fresh vac technology and then over here on the right-hand side is

the smoothie that was blended just a regular way with the oxygen still in it now  I’m not too sure if you can tell just by looking at the camera but I can tell you definitively but the one on the left that was blended with the French vac technology the color is deeper it’s not as pale as best ninja blender

this one here so that’s legit how I’m going to pour them out into each of these glasses and we’d be able to see the texture and consistency of both of them first up is going to be a smoothie that was blended the regular way let’s pour it into this glass here all right hopefully you got a good sense of how that poor was all right so let’s just move this one right here and now let’s pour the blended smoothie with the fresh vac technology into this the glass you know people I hope that you can see the difference here because it was a much smoother pour with this one with the fresh vac technology than it was with the regular blending mode and now I added the same amount of ingredients the same amount of best ninja blender strawberries the same amount of mangoes and the same amount of juice into each of these so

this fresh vac technology stuff is legit it works look at the difference in the color between these two he’s a bit of a closer look at that as well you can see how the top of the fresh vac one is not a whole lot of bubbles spilling a little bit of it there mm-hmm but then on this one, you can see that there are more bubbles it’s more foam all right now let’s go for the good old taste test and

these are both are going to be very good now let’s give this one a taste fresh vac yeah yeah this one is smoother now don’t get me wrong although this one is a little bit thicker tiny bit foam here the flavor is still there the flavor is still very good but as far as

this one is more aesthetically pleasing this one having a brighter deeper color it’s true when you suck the oxygen out of these things it’s very very true and this one is supposed to last a lot longer than this one over here so if I were to put these two in the fridge especially since there was some pineapple involved this one should be less tart less sour tasting and just generally tastier over

time then this one is going to be so yeah this is the rather legit ninja duo smart screen blender with French vac technology and as you can see the proof is in the pudding or the proof is in the smoothie it does make your smoothies come out smoother brighter and hopefully tastier in

the long run but I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to actually, test that out because these things are gonna be gone before the end of the night so thank you all so much for watching this I’m gonna leave a link in the description to the ninja website where you can find this as well as other variants of this as well to check it out for yourself if you like until next time



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