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best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

is best comfortable blender another blender today I am reviewing this blender how to using I’m reviewing the nutria ninja Auto IQ Auto  is a pre-programmed setting so you don’t have to figure out how long to blend a  drink the unit comes with the base 24-ounce cup 18-ounce cup 2 lids one blade assembly an instruction manual and the recipe booklet is recipes for smoothies dressings  and soups and dessert there are also instructions best Ninja Fit Personal Blender  for loading the ninja first you start with softer

best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

fruits and vegetables than leafy greens then liquids or yogurt dry ingredients like nuts and you top it off with ice or frozen ingredients press the blend button for softer ingredients like fresh fruit and leafy greens the ultra-blend button for harder things like ice frozen fruit and nuts a timer will count down best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

when using either button you can manually blend using the pulse button which needs to be pressed down and held  similar to using a food processor to chop vegetables if  you press the start button the blender will run continuously for up to 60 seconds you can use the pulse button to grind raw meat and make dips their cord storage on the bottom of the base and the base is suction cup so it doesn’t move

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around on your counter to easily remove the base from your counter just tilt  it forward and it comes right up the unit is about 15 inches in height and 6 ¾ inches across it won’t take up too much space on your countertop you cannot put hot liquids in this unit also the unit is not going to blend dry ingredients without liquid the cups and blade assembly are dishwasher safe the lids are top-rack dishwasher safe

the base can be cleaned with a damp cloth feeding the ninjas simple because there’s no crevices or food to get stuck in let us go ahead and test this ninja first plug  in the machine there’s no light or any  indication to let you know that the unit is on first we’ll make a vegetable smoothie unscrew the blade

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I’m using the 24-ounce cup first I’ll put in my cut-up cucumber then some carrots a piece of red onion a little bit of cilantro salt fresh squeeze of lemon juice cut up tomato and some ice cubes there is a max fill line right here don’t fill about that screw the blade assembly on making sure it’s very tight match p the tabs on the side of the cup to the slots in the base turn clockwise to lock until you hear a click we’ll use the ultra blend button its normal to hear pulsing and pauses during  blending  there will be a countdown

best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

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timer and the blender automatically stops when it reaches zero so the machine is really loud like most blenders turn those counterclockwise and lift let us pour it out looks pretty smooth there are no chunks I’ll taste it it’s good it’s a good combination of vegetables and its smooth teres, of course, a tiny bit of greediness from the carrot but that’s pretty normal it is about a hundred degrees here today and this is a really good refreshing drink and it can even replace a meal it’s a light refreshing

nutritious substitute for a full meal now we’ll make a fresh mango  lassi mangoes look good at the store today they’re in season now I’ll add a little bit of yogurt and just a few cubes of ice I don’t want to dilute the taste of the mango no matter how sweet the fresh mango is you’ll also need a tiny bit of sugar so I will add a little bit of sugar put the blade were put the blade on making sure it’s threaded correctly

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[su_note note_color=”#228b22″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Pros[/su_note]

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  • Blends great, but still very loud.
  • Quick delivery, works fine at a great price.

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  • hate push down blenders


give it a shake as it is very thick turn it to click this time let’s try the regular blend button, okay that looks good that looks so good pour it up for you it is very smooth really good consistency will be tasted it’s so smooth it’s creamy its amazing the ninja did a really good job of breaking down best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

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the mango it’s a perfect sweet drink for the super hot day if you want to try out the nutria ninja  live to put a link in the description I want to test out the pulse and the start button so I’m going to make the best Ninja Fit Personal Blendermarinade for the chicken kebabs I’m using some green chilies fresh ginger root garlic cloves fresh mint leaves and fresh cilantro leaves pouring some freshly squeezed lemon juice the blade on I’ll pulse a few times and then use the start button I’ll give it a shake there’s not much liquid in here so that’s probably why it’s not blending I want this to be a puree and not chunky but if you wanted to make a salsa you could stop right here because it has process most of the garlic and ginger into pieces I’ll add a little bit of water  now its moving want to give it a shake

because there’s some stuff stuck at the top okey our marinade is ready that’s going to be a good  best Ninja Fit Personal Blender marinade for the chicken kebabs I will make the kebabs later and if you want to see that recipe you can click down below really quick recipe healthy and perfect for summer so the pre-programmed buttons worked pretty well so you saw father ninja worked it did a great job on the vegetable smoothie the mango lassi and it a good job on the marinade with very little liquid I hope this review was helpful  best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

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