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best single serve blender

best single serve blender

We’re taking a look at the Nutri ninja and the nutribullet two popular blenders out there we’re going to give you an in-depth comparison  stay tuned  so we decided to do this review because we wanted to give consumers a better way to compare these two blenders these are two very popular machines best single serve blender

Right now they’re both under 80 dollars and so they’re very affordable but the differences aren’t kind of striking despite the similarity in pricing so check out best single serve blender  the specs below we have all of our notes down there and we also have links to the actual product so you can take a look at what the manufacturer says about it as well as all the all those smaller details so let’s take

best single serve blender

a look inside and see how the pieces fit together so this is our first look at the two blenders side-by-side the Nutri ninja comes with six pieces one two three four five six you’re looking at

the motor and two cups plus the blade and then also the two lids for the Cubs and then the nutribullet as well there’s two cups the motor and then two lips for the cups and then plus the blade as well the upon the first inspection the two motors are pretty similar best single serve blender

the Nutri ninja is slightly bigger it’s got a 900-watt motor and this one’s got a 600-watt motor so but the motors are both fairly solid at the base which is good because when you start the motor you don’t want  best single serve blender

things knocking over or slipping out of your hand we’re going to take a better look at how the blenders work so we notice

that the Nutri ninja and the nutribullet scores are quite a bit different in length the nutribullet is about six or seven inches long which best single serve blender

is a definite the definite advantage when you’re trying to arrange stuff in your kitchen to 250 splendors make it

a lot easier for the nutribullet to fit in your kitchen one of the advantages to the Nutri, the ninja is the support of the base cubes while it’s sitting on your counter the rubber grips are much wider and they provide better stability on the counter the nutribullet has four round feet so this is a little bit less support so looking at the blades here you’ve to go

t the one-two-three-four large blades on the nutrient ninja blade and then you’ve got two the smaller blades up here you’re going to best single serve blender

have more points here so it’s a lot more sharpness and so cleaning it is going to take a little bit more caution because you’ve got a lot of exposed sharp edges here however the way the blade rests on the plastic base is much easier to rinse off and get to with

best Ninja Fit Personal Blender

the water so you can get all get into all the little crevices when you after you blend something you know you want to get little food particles out so that’s the Nutri ninja blade this is a nutria the nutribullet blade as you can see there are one-two-three four five six six blades

there are many less sharp edges and the blades are rounded to protect you from getting cut so this is a pretty big advantage however the way the blade is shaped on to the plastic base it’s a little bit harder to get in there if you’ve got some food particles stuck so best single serve blender


you’ll need a more powerful washer to get the blade completely clean and but in general, the two blades are shaped very very different and we’re going to see how they perform after we start blending stuff let’s take a look at the two Cup sets from the two blenders the Nutri ninja has a heavier construction on the cups and also the grooves on the cups are inside the rim so if

you wanted to sit directly from the cup, it’s slightly more comfortable the grooves don’t bump against your lips and teeth the Nutri ninja also comes with these two travel lids and they also feel so it’s easier to blend something in the morning and take it  best single serve blender

with you to the gym or work with you let’s take a look at the nutribullet nutribullet construction is slightly lighter the cups are the custom feel like they weigh less and

they also come with these comfortable screw-on lids are a lift for the cups and this on even has a handle so you can also take that with you although there’s no cover so it’s a little bit less portable and also the groove on the nutribullet cups are outside so if you do try to sit directly from the cup it’s slightly less comfortable since it was my bump against your butt your lips so let’s

take a look at the capacity for the two cups we were curious about the fill lines and the amount of smoothie you would end up with so here’s the max fill line on the Nutri ninja and here’s the max fill line on the nutribullet so they are about the same best single serve blender  if you take a look if we just reached the max fill line there so the capacity is very very similar if not identical so we’re going to take a look at how fluids behave and when the blades are activated and we’re going to do with

water so you can check out the vortex and see how the fluids move around when they’re being blended so let’s start with the Nutri ninja first, this one remember best single serve blender  has the more powerful motor it’s 900 watts let’s take a look and see how the water at how the water reacts now so notice if it when I took my hand off the motor, stops so I actually have to keep my hand on the cup so

I have maintained pressure for the motor to keep going so there’s not a hands-free feature off of the Nutri ninja now moving over to the nutribullet let’s take a look at how the water reacts to the blade so I think the water moves pretty similarly no matter which

blade it is but there is a hands-free feature on the nutribullet so that’s kind of an advantage to the nutribullet is you can take your hand off and you don’t have to sit there and press on it the whole time so let’s take a look and do best single serve blender

the two blenders at the same time just so you can get a side-by-side comparison of the water of the reaction of the water as you can see they’re pretty similar they both stop around the same time the nutribullet has a slightly smaller a motor at 600 watts so you

may need to give it another half-second or so of blending for you to get the texture that you want in your smoothie but all in all very similar behavior with the fluids so now let’s make a couple of smoothies and see how these blenders perform so we’re going to

take some frozen strawberries some apples and carrots and also some almond milk and we’re going to blend it upside by side and you can see how the blenders perform so let’s stick it in a cup and a slice same thing would be to triple it now we’re going to add enough on the milk to make best single serve blender

good blender for smoothies

it easier to blend now you’ll want to screw on the blades very very tightly so they don’t come loose during blending because that makes these really big mats all right so now we have our two smoothies one thing I did notice about the Nutri ninja is that

the motor is slightly louder on the Nutri ninja it is a bigger motor so it is slightly louder the nutribullet is slight as it’s not as loud so let’s take a look at the inside how the smoothies turned out this is the nutribullet so it does turn out very smooth very fighting this is

the Nutri ninja also very similar texture so overall these two blenders are very similar now the Nutri ninja is slightly less expensive with a bigger motor now it is like best single serve blender  I said it’s a little bit louder but overall I think I would prefer the Nutri ninja because it has a just slightly more solid base and

the materials are sturdier it also has the convenient travel lids so but dude check out the links below we have lots more reviews therefrom other users so you’ll get plenty of opinions and also check out our notes so you can get more details on both of these blenders so we’re excited to show share this information with you keep watching and we’ll see you guys soon Oh


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