Best Budget Blender

best smoothie blenders

best smoothie blenders

I guess all the time what’s the best blender for smoothies now it’s no secret that Vitamix and ninja are two of the leading brands in the blender industry and I have them both here with me today so we are going to make some smoothies do a comparison and figure it out together best smoothie blenders

best smoothie blenders

hi my website if you’re new here be sure to in the middle of a smoothie Bowl series we’ve talked all the best smoothie blenders about how to make your smoothie Bowl thicker different ways to decorate and top your smoothie bowls and we’ve even learned how to make an acai bowl with no acai so I’ll put the link to that playlist Italy to be here or here I’m gonna serve each side of the screen it’ll be on but I’ll link that above

so you can check those videos out before we get started I just wanted to remind you that all the products we’ll be using today including the blenders we’ll be testing are linked min my smoothie

bowl starter kit in case you want to stock up on some products and start making some of you both yourself okay I’m so excited to jump into this video let’s get started now if we’re talking price the Ninja is going to be your more budget-friendly option this blender best smoothie blenders

retails for 1.8 $9.99 whereas the Vitamix 5200 retails for 3 $99.99 so this one is quite a bit more expensive another thing I love about

the Ninja is that it comes with a bunch of different attachments biscuit that I have here a couple of things smooth the container and then it has two personal size cups and it also has a food processor attachment so it comes with a lot more gadgets than the Vitamix does but

the Vitamix comes with a lot of power behind it which can be helpful when you’re trying to make other things besides smoothies another thing about the Vitamix is that it comes with a 10-year warranty

right the Ninja comes with a 1-year warranty also the Ninja is famous for having these really thin Tower blades that go all the way up to your blender but because they’re thinner they’re like kitchen knives they wear out quicker and then they’re not effective another little technical thing is the ninja

the blade of the motor is plastic on plastic so this motor part is plastic and then the cool Blake that you’d connect dysplastic and on the Vitamix its metal-on-metal so this is metal in an underneath the Vitamix container is also metal this allows for more torque and best smoothie blenders

best blender for ice

it’s not gonna wear down as easily as plastic well although the blades in the Vitamix don’t go all the way up like they do in the Ninja they’re thicker and they’re blunter so they’re gonna las

t a lot longer also both of these blender seven 1500 watt motor for this test I made me looking to see which blender can blend

it best and which one can blend it fastest okay let’s do it, whoa I’m gonna be doing the same green smoothie for both of my blenders I’m gonna start with some almond milk but I’m gonna have to load them a little bit different because the blades are on

the bottom with the Vitamix and with the ninja we’re gonna be flipping it upside down so I’m gonna want my frozen parts down on the bottom on best smoothie blenders  the Ninja but the top for the Vitamix so I’m just adding about a cup of frozen mango rice cauliflower a frozen banana a handful of spinach and then one scoop of the in protein powder and half of an avocado

all right perfect time to blend okay let’s blend it in the Vitamix first I’m just gonna put this off to the side I’m setting a timer let the race begin my audio got weird here but this took me two minutes I’m for the ninja

I’m just gonna shake this stuff down because the blades on the bottom they don’t want to make sure that there are no problems okay screw it on I’m gonna pulls it first okay so the blade is stuck that means there’s not enough liquid, yeah okay let me add some almond milk here I left it out just in case I’m going to keep adding liquid just to kind of get it going and this is best smoothie blenders

why sometimes the ninja you can’t get thick of a smoothie because you have to add liquid just to get that leave it going where is it the Vitamix you can just use this stick shut down there we go okay notice four minutes so double

the time of the Vitamix but now let’s see how it looks inside I’m nervous it tastes good got my coconut balls whoa all right here is the Vitamix one Stephanie blended well okay now for the ninja okay not as thick but it’s still a good consistency you can see the difference in consistency the one on the right with the Vitamix is much thicker than the one on the left which is  best smoothie blenders

the ninja this one is probably better for  smoothie whereas this one is thick enough for us with people okay not like we need to do a taste test but why not oh it’s so refreshing okay Vitamix you know what this is so interesting okay obviously they taste the same because we use the same recipe but the thickness does make a difference so the ninja one is a lot thinner and

I think I mean this is a great consistency for a smoothie like I don’t know if I’d make it a smoothie bowl but I would almost pour this in a mason jar with a straw and it’s an amazing smoothie but because the Vitamix one is so much thicker it does almost taste different as it tastes like ice cream

it tastes like frozen yogurt because it has that thick smooth like consistency even though the flavors are the same very fascinating like oh there are so many fascinating takeaways from this first of all the Vitamix is a little bit quicker of a blender and I think that’s because with the tamper you’re able to push everything down and get it blended up faster however

the ninja comes with a lot of gadgets and accessories that might be good if you’re looking to do different things and I think the little personal size cups are really handy when you’re making smoothies for on-the-go they both blend pretty well but I found it a lot harder to get the Ninja to blend without having to add more liquid and you know me

I’m this move Evil Queen I love my thick smoothie bowls and so I try to add as little liquid as possible but it just doesn’t blend up as well if it doesn’t have that liquid to get started with it as I said earlier I’ve been using this blender it’s College and so

I have experimented a lot with it and I have been able to get thicker textures with smoothies it just takes a lot more time and you have to be patient and you have to keep taking it on and off the blender to shake it down stir it up even open it up using a spoon and like push the ingredients around before you can get a consistency that’s a little bit thicker like this so for me I prefer the Vitamix because I can get

this thick consistency in half the time and the ninja comes at a little bit more of an affordable price so there’s that and the end of the day these are both amazing blenders it just depends on what you want what your budget is and what kind of smoothies or smoothie bowls you’re trying to make if you want to check out this ninja IQ or the Vitamix 5200 I have them linked on Amazon through my smoothie ball starter kit so just find that in the description box below and hey let me know what other types of smoothie cool videos you want to see on

this channel ok so a question of the day what blender are you using do you love it do you hate it is it awesome is it terrible let me know it down in the comments you are seriously the best thank you so

much for watching this video I hope that you found it helpful again if you’re not already subscribed to my channel please subscribe give this video a thumbs up and we’ll see you soon

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